Authentic Restaurant Style Tortilla Chipz and Salza

The chipz Happen® Story Just a family of dip chipz!

Yes, it is another story of a family business starting in a home kitchen with an idea. (We know, right!?) But ours is quite inspiring: Our Mom is the creator behind chipz Happen. For nearly 20 years she spent many pleasurable hours in her kitchen making chipz for family & friends.


        We all love to cook and are quite territorial of the kitchen. In fact, when we are all together there seems to be the issue of which one of us gets kicked out first by Mom. After all, she is the queen of her kitchen and her little helpers get K.P duty. We spend time reminiscing about childhood meals such as chip beef on toast, tamale pie, tuna casserole and many more down-home recipes. Some were great and some, well not so much. But, we were blessed to have meals on the table that were crafted from love.


        After years of trials and tribulations, we are excited to bring you chipz Happen— San Diego style tortilla chipz. We hope you will enjoy these as much as the many dedicated “taste-testers” we have engaged over the years.


Hey, chipz Happen to the best of us. Just sayin’.


chipz Happen Foodies,


Mom (Dee Dee), Rochelle, Jason, and Heather


chipz Happen®

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